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Learning and Living to be Happy

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god bless the man who will marry my psycho ass one day

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"The problem is that I, along with so many others, tend to accept the love that I think I deserve. In my mind, I struggle to believe that I deserve the love and respect that others deserve because I’m broken. I’m like the runt of the litter that everyone looks over.
But that’s not true.

I deserve love and care just as much as anyone else in this world. We all do. But the love I deserve the most during this time…is my own. And you deserve your own love, too."
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*thinks about all the sex i’m not getting*

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"My momma did her part, But it ain’t her fault that I was born without a heart. In other words: I’m heartless dude. I don’t love me…how the fuck I’mma love you?"

Scarface (via hip-hop-quest)

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Just a reminder that it’s ok to put yourself first. If you want to take that extra hour of sleep, do it. If you want to lay around and do nothing for a while do it. If you want an extra slice of pizza, go for it. You’re only human it’s okay to enjoy yourself.

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